MEDEMCARD is a multi-language system designed to record and store personal data and healthcare information. The plastic card contains a chip and is the size of a bank card. Its information technology system, equipped with the most effective data protection technology available, records its owner’s personal data and information intended to facilitate emergency medical care. For further functions, click on the icon above.


It provides instant and valid data for the ambulance service or the physician in the case of an accident, injury or illness. Relatives can be informed promptly by reading the QR code or typing in the identification number. For further functions, click on the icon above.


The cardholder also gets 10 self-adhesive stickers which can be placed on different equipment (e.g. cars, motorcycles, schoolbags, dossiers, etc.), with personal identification marks. There is no obligation to use the stickers but they can speed up the process of emergency medical care by providing immediate information that the card exists, saving precious time in life-threatening situations or when the cardholder is unable to communicate. For further extras, click on the icon above.


Except for information intended to facilitate emergency medical care, personal data can only be accessed with the permission (user account) of the cardholder. Medical information and diagnostic reports generated during patient care (e.g. laboratory or X-ray examination reports, etc.) are documented online via the system’s personal documentation management interface. The cardholder can download or copy these documents for personal or medical care purposes, whilst respecting data security regulations. For further deatils, click on the icon above.

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